My blog & myself 


Hey, hi, hello and thanks so much for visiting!

I created this blog in April 2017 because one: I’ve always had such a passion for reading and writing, and two: I have the audacity to think my thoughts, interests, and opinions are worth sharing. I believe all people should be audacious in that way; everyone should feel that what they believe in is valued by at least one other person.
My entire blog is a conglomerate of personal topics, my interests, my lifestyle, and my thoughts and opinions on everything from politics to your more “trivial” topics such as makeup and clothing. I post things to write my thoughts down as I love to do, to share with others, to (hopefully) enlighten and connect, and to give tips and help at least one person just a little bit. My life goal is to help others in all the ways I can; I am most passionate about speaking up for the voiceless, for those weighed down with inequalities, for those who feel alone and abandoned, and for anyone that needs support.

Please enjoy

I’m Shanon, a Kentuckiana girl whose heart belongs elsewhere. I’m a 19 year old liberal studies major at the University of Louisville with concentrations in sociology and peace studies. I’ve also studied communications, anthropology, and comparative religions. Equality is my top passion and motivation, but I’m also an aspiring yogi; I plan to begin teacher training this fall. Books, YouTube, and music occupy a lot of my free time.

I’m in love with animals; I stopped eating them in September of 2015. I have two dogs: Finn and Emmylou and three cats: Otis, Rico, and a stray-turned-house-cat. For my materialistic side, I’m overly obsessed with makeup and clothing. I’m a bit of a shopaholic.